Android App Development

At coppercodes our App developer are very enthusiast about making Apps that catches user attention. We specifically give more attention to the design along with the working so that users have great user experience.Designers work along with developers to give the Apps the look and feel that is needed depending upon the type and category of App.We test your App through so that there are no bugs and certainly no chances of failure.

Google Map Integration

If your app has functionality which requires google maps integration than you are the right place.We have developed lots of apps with Map integration,Navigation facilities, routing etc and have mastered it.

Payment Gateway Integration

As a matter of fact there were Rs.17,23,425 billion worth of online transactions in India in the year 2016. We know that online business is growing and so are online transactions. Online transactions have become faster and safer over the years and whats better than having this facility in your App? People from anywhere who want your services can make the payment and use them, without having to do the tedious task of contacting you(sevice provider).

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