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Android App Development

We use advanced features such as theme-driven design, appealing user interface, simplicity, high performance and others to develop Android applications for our clients.

Web Development

Our websites will have alluring qualities such as theme-driven design, browser consistency, contrasting colour scheme and others which will be developed for our clients.

Software Development

CopperCodes delivers ingenious softwares that are reliable, easily compatible and portable for our clients.

iOS App Development

We at CopperCodes develop iOS applications using programming languages like X-Code, Swift & Objective C. Our development team’s objective is to make agile & mobile responsive iOS applications.

Business Intelligence

We specialise in supplying our clients with data analytical reports, Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) solutions and other data science services.

Art Of Coding

Our passionate enthusiasm for programming has evolved into an artistic experience towards coding.

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Clean Design

We at CopperCodes believe in designing challenging yet understandable user interfaces.

Amazing Support

Our dedicated support team will be available for our clients not only to resolve their issues 24x7, but will also help our clients to expand their business through online marketing, advertisements etc.

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Why Choose Us?

On Time Delivery - Since we value time, we keep a preset time frame for all our packages.
Customer Satisfaction - Customer satisfaction is one of our main goals. The best part about our services is that we can tailor them as per your your needs.
Reputation Management - Reputation Management is our second goal. Your reputation is as important as ours. We make sure that your reputation is built and protected.

We will help you incorporate latest technologies in your website such as Real time database, Ajax, Payment methods like Paytm, Debit Cards / Credit cards etc.
For any viewer, a fascinating appearance is what matters. So we as software developers always keep up in pace with the modern design trends.
We see our clients as part of solution and not part of problem, hence the business solution which we provide will ensure a client to achieve his / her goal.

Latest Products

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Webber Data Management

Webber is a software that brings to your desktop / laptop the payment status and all other details relating to 'n' number of your electricity and water bills by scraping the details from the respective website in the form of an excel sheet in one go.

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Park e-Zee An Intelligent Parking                                      Assistant

A mobile app based car parking assistant which helps you locate free parking slots for your car at your desired location without having to waste any time and fuel moving around.

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AppexLadder Sports Sponsorship

At AppexLadder, we understand the value of dreams and needs. A sportsman can sacrifice his wants but he just cannot compromise on his needs. AppexLadder marches towards helping the youth inch closer to their dream and breathe victory.

Work Environment

Unlike a typical work environment, we have a very friendly one, where you would love to work with a lot of passion and enthusiasm.

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Software Developer

Hey! You just clicked on my photo and that’s cool, but that's not how I actually laugh. To tell you a little more about myself, I drink a lot of coffee and I'm probably not the best guy to go for a party with. But there is one thing I can do best, I can write amazing Python programmes and scripts and now that you are here do check our work in the Portfolios and Designs. I'm sure you'll be impressed.

Rohan Naik Co-Founder

Skills : Python

Qualification : Bachelor Of Engineering (IT)

Speciality : Makes awesome coffee

Quote : "I'm not everyone's cup of tea, but I drink a lot of coffee."

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Web Developer

Hey guys, Chinmay here. Allow me to tell you’ll a little more about myself. People call me a "Angry Young Man", but that's not the reality. From inside I am a very enthusiastic and a happy go lucky person. I am very passionate about designing web pages and web development. On the extra curricular activity side of it, I play a lot of Badminton and have represented the Goa state Badminton team.

Chinmay Kamat Co-Founder

Skills : CSS 3, Animations

Qualification : Bachelor Of Engineering (IT)

Interests : Web development, Web Designing, animation

Quote : "Live life to the fullest and focus on the positive."



IT Business Solutions

Many of the people who shaped our digital world started out by coding games for fun. Similarly a lot of fun and jokes are involved when we code. But most important to us are the people, we try to make products that promise value to the people.

We are located in Panjim - Goa, and we will be glad to have you as our guest. Do check the logos and web designs we have created in the link below. Also check our latest software products and Android apps in the portfolios below.


Location: Panjim-Goa

Our Moto: "Quality is the best business plan"

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Hey guys Satyendra here, an artist by profession. To give you a little more detail about myself, I am passionate about gaining knowledge in different forms of art and allied areas. Computer Graphics and 3D software are my absolute strong suit.

Originally from Goa, I am currently residing in Porvorim. Moreover, what I enjoy most is designing cartoon characters.

Satyendra Bandodkar -Freelancer

Skills : Photoshop, Illustrator, Motion 5

Qualification : Bachelor Of Arts (Illustration)

Interests : Illustration, doodling

Quote : "Art is a beautiful expression of various thoughts."

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IT Business Solutions

We at CopperCodes believe in short coffee breaks. Coffee is something that helps you relax after long hours of coding.

Since quality of our client’s products is our biggest concern, we strive so much that we make sure that the desired quality is achieved.


Location: Panjim-Goa

Our Moto: "Quality is the best business plan"

Our Clients

Vivanta, by Taj
Kamat Construction
Group Priority
Dukle Constructions
Black Palette Studio
Emboss Painting
La Cucina Impresa

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